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You have probably read dozens of articles about roof replacement, dos and don’ts, plus hundreds of tips and tricks. So you start wondering whether you can do the replacement on your own, DIY replacement is great if you’re trying to save money. The reality is roof replacements are expensive; it takes a lot of work, materials, tools, right working conditions. For one safety, taking this task can be dangerous, lose shingles or a weak area in the deck could cause a fall. Second you need the necessary tools for a complete roof replacement. You can make small replacements, for example; small patches of shingle repair, identifying spots that let water in. Do some thorough research to see if you are up for the task.

When should you hire a professional?? When you need to replace your whole roof, there are a lot of technicalities that you can’t handle on your own. There are other cases when you should turn to a professional, small replacements on a big lose section, too many leaks that have made their way in and you can’t track down, shingles scattered all over your roof. If your home has multiple layers, you won’t be able to tell which layer has the problem. When hiring a professional they can tell you if you need any upgrades to meet current building standards. They will have answers to all your questions, and give you an accurate cost quote. A great benefit of hiring a professional they can purchase all materials from manufacture, warranties only go in to effect if installed by a professional.

When the time comes to replace your roof, you might want to save money. As stated before roofing can be dangerous, no safety knowledge, special equipment, an unstable roof during replacement: roofing yourself can be dangerous.

Think through all this issues before deciding how to proceed.


Whether you decide to hire a professional or take on the task yourself, take all this factors into consideration. You want to make sure it’s done right as not to cause future problems. The professionals at MDRR have the experience you need it to get it done right and walk with you every step of the way.

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